Public Safety

Public Safety

District 3 is home to multi-generational families who frequently use our public parks for a family BBQ, birthday celebration or holidays. Our parks need to be a place where families and their children should feel safe to ride their bikes, play basketball, or other organized sports.  You deserve to enjoy your family celebrations without having to worry about their safety. I will bring back peace of mind by :

Requesting additional funding for law enforcement so they can adequately protect our community against crime, misbehavior and people wanting to do harm to our properties.

Promoting  Neighborhood Watch  programs that coordinate  people with technology that allows us to work together to share relevant information.  In today’s world, people in the community can enhance police efforts by sharing information instantly.

Build awareness on drug prevention in our schools so that students can become our first line of defense.  This means establishing an app like SAISD that allows students to anonymously report potential drug and other crime related activity they may suspect Immediately on their mobile device.

Coordinate quarterly meetings with every neighborhood association to establish a plan that unifies us in a preventative crime approach to the issues we all face.  Crime has no boundaries and united we can conquer with solutions that are effective.

Establish a program where volunteers assist seniors especially those living alone to set up security cameras so they feel a little more secure.

Reduce long neglected known residential areas where cars speed which makes it a safety issue for children.

Propose new requirement to city council that requires 1/4 mile of sidewalks that are in tact around all schools so as to ensure child safety for children walking to and from school starting with elementary.

Establish a task force that identifies each neighborhood’s safety needs in an effort to individually address solutions that are specific to that neighborhood.