I feel our district is special in so many ways yet you only hear the negative.  We have some of the most dedicated, respectful and insightful people in our community.  I want to provide a different perspective to growth in our district that UNITES not DIVIDES our community.  If you extend me the honor to represent and serve you I will dedicate my energy to create opportunities for all to enhance and improve your quality of life right here in your very own neighborhood. We have a very unique opportunity NOW.  United we can promote initiatives that highlight the culture, our families and increase the small minority business,  raise educational standards and encourage and facilitate entrepreneurship.

Its time to work together to set the direction and vision that improves your everyday life. Health & Wellness are key to setting a foundation that will allow our community to continue to thrive. I recognize that I need to rebuild the trust of so many people who have given up on the system. I am confident that when given the opportunity for people to engage in a positive environment – together we can accomplish so much.

We will  unite to:

-FIGHT for programs that increase our quality of jobs & increase our income levels

-DEFEND from outsiders who are deciding how to improve our community without taking into consideration the people’s perspective.

-PROTECT from crime, drug, & vandalism so our children and families can have peace of mind.



A community that is united can strengthen its economic stability.

Communication and providing information to my community will be a priority.

I will encourage collaboration that recognizes the people’s perspective and views.

I will Respect, Honor , & defend the culture and heritage that makes our community unique.

I will uphold the integrity of our ancestors so that we preserve our traditions & culture.

I will conduct town hall meetings and encourage every individual to participate in the decision making that will affect their daily lives.

It is important to provide various opportunities for the people to express their interest, concerns, and priorities in a non-threatening environment.  Through these Town halls we will encourage open, honest, and transparent dialogue both in English and Spanish.

Together as a community we will determine the priorities and issues that are defined as important to you!

If you put your trust in me I will fight for you and work to bring the leadership together in a cohesive, collaborative and effective way.

In addition, I will provide opportunities for the youth and millennial so that they too have a seat at the table.

I believe firmly that we must nurture our future leaders.


I am committed to establishing programs that promote higher education, entrepreneurship, small minority business, and increased income levels.

I will make public safety a priority so that children & seniors feel safe.

I will honor our seniors and veterans.

Although growth is inevitable I will facilitate and collaborate with leaders to ensure that PEOPLE come FIRST!!!

Any development that occurs in District 3 should enhance the daily lives of our citizens.

Communication and providing information to the people of my community will be a priority.

I will encourage millennial and youth to participate in forums that bring creative solutions to our concerns.

I will set forth various opportunities for them to engage in civic activities.

My overall goal is to engage the entire community so that we work together to determine when, where and how beautification will occur.

Together we encourage the type of small minority business and entrepreneurship business that enhances and recognize who we are as a community.

For example I envision a small culinary boutique where tourist can learn how to make gorditas, tamales, and other authentic foods.

I will promote educational programs that encourage interest in technology, bio sciences, and stem programs starting at the elementary level.  I will promote quality vocational programs for students to enhance their income levels upon graduation.

I will set forth various opportunities for everyone to engage because together as a community we can conquer any challenge that comes our way.




Growth and development is inevitable.  My priority is to repair the process not just the pot holes.

It is unacceptable for streets and sidewalks to be torn up and not completed in a timely manner.

I will demand accountability for the people of my district. Sinkholes, graffiti, increased crime rates, violence, and vandalism to private property are perfect examples of how our community is being neglected.  It is time to place the priority on investing in our neighborhoods.  The process for infrastructure projects needs to be transparent.  This includes how city hall determines which projects they select.  I support city programs that allow the residents to report issues on their mobile device so that they can also follow the phases of the project.  Accountability and efficiency is a must not an option. We should be able to use technology to ensure efficiency, Accountability, and responsibility to communicate effectively to those being affected by the repairs near their homes and business.

On demand technology is key to keeping the community in the loop in the progress of these projects.