As a graduate of graduate of Brooks Academy and soon to be Incarnate Word University, I value the importance of education. I recognize that we need custom programs that meet the needs of our community. This means single parents, students who dropped out of community college, Veterans, or retired individuals need programs that will allow them to reenter the workforce with a job that will earn them a income so that they can care for their families basic needs. In addition, I recognize that not all students can afford to attend a university or college if they do not receive scholarships. I support the following initiatives:

  • Identify workforce development programs that will give our residents an opportunity to increase their income levels.
  • Promote Latina leadership starting in high school so that they begin to establish skills that give them an advantage in the global market place.
  • Community Mentorship programs that allow retired and single parents to recognize their strengths in order to reenter the job market.
  • Establish a comprehensive scholarship outreach program that assist families with the complicated process to apply for scholarships.